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Life Boost with Amelia


Ready to unchain yourself from the things that have been weighing you down so you can unleash the confident, energized, thriving version of you that's waiting to come out?  You've come to the right place!

Dr. Amelia is a certified integrative health and life coach, change worker, hypnotist, and recovered burnt out veterinarian, and she's on a mission to change the narrative around health and well-being (health is supposed to make your life easier and more pleasurable not harder) and to beat burnout in the veterinary profession. Her approach is very holistic – all aspects of life influence your well-being and all aspects of your well-being influence your life.  Everything is connected. Her process combines an evidence-based understanding of how the body and brain work - including the unconscious mind - with an approach that honors what your heart needs to create real healthy sustainable change that feels like a breath of fresh air. ❤️

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