Life Boost with Amelia

Ep. 58 | How To Create The Change You Want + What I Was Shy To Share (The Podcast Episode That Almost Wasn't)

April 11, 2023 Amelia Knight Pinkston Season 1 Episode 58
Life Boost with Amelia
Ep. 58 | How To Create The Change You Want + What I Was Shy To Share (The Podcast Episode That Almost Wasn't)
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This podcast episode almost didn’t happen for so many reasons, but it’s out in the world now! For better or worse… 😉 

I start out sharing something that I was kind of shy about sharing but I decided to own because it’s making me super happy. 1

And I’m so glad this episode did happen, because it inspired me to create a brand new resource that I’m SO proud of. Even better - it’s free so that everyone has access to it! If you’ve been wanting to change something, but you feel like you keep hitting a wall this resource will be a game changer. I’m sharing my favorite 1 minute anti-anxiety tool and 6 powerful ways to use it decrease stress, break bad habits, make every morning feel more doable, get better sleep, and more. See how powerful it is?! You can get your free copy here:

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Hey life boosters. This is Dr. Amelia health and life, coach and recovered burnout veterinarian here to help you ditch the yo-yo dieting people pleasing and perfectionism by breaking the norm and living a life that energizes you from within. So I'm recording this podcast episode today because I'm feeling kind of brave and vulnerable, possibly because I had a really great badass workout this morning. I have been for the past few weeks really increasing my weights at the. gym, Um, and by gym, I mean in my home with, with the weights that I have, Okay. Brief intermission from that story for a moment because I just wanna share the, the challenges of podcasting. Sometimes I was just in my office ready to podcast and suddenly everybody is like mowing, like right outside super loud. But I'm like, okay, we, I can still try to do it. And then Matt got me this super nice microphone designed for podcasting and um, you know, so I'm using that and it's designed to block out noise. But I have recorded, For a couple of times and then a while after me talking, it's like, I don't think your microphone's really working and it's like only picking up, um, what I say, like every, like little bits, every minute. Um, so you know what I have just gone into my, going back to basics, going back to my very simple headphones set. Just sitting in the A room that's relatively quiet. And we're gonna try because I just, again, back to what I was saying, I'm feeling like I would like to share something that is a little bit vulnerable and I'm like, you know, I have this great energy from my work out. And so I don't wanna wait. You know, I just, while I'm feeling brave and inspired to share this with you, I wanna wanna go for it. So hopefully this will work. Um, so back to the story of, of Okay. Just, just bear with me. This is, this will all be worth it. I hope I have so much excitement that I wanna share with you. So the reason why I am in a good mood is because I had a super awesome badass workout where I was really. Rawr, I was really increasing the weight that puts me in such a good mood and my whole morning routine does. The reason why I'm psyched about those weights is because I had really plateaued in the gym. Like I was not increasing my weights at all. I just like wasn't really seeing the results that I wanted to in my body. I just felt like everything was. Staying the same. And, um, and yet I kept doing all the same things and wishing, you know, that things would be different. So I decided to stop doing that, recognizing that if I wanted things to be different, I needed to embrace my inner researcher and actually decide to make a change so that I can see a change in my body. So, one of the things that I did, I, again, uh, recommend always counting calories or macros because I think that that really distracts from you being able to listen to your own body and learning from your own hunger and satiety cues. Um, hold on. Jamesons, chewing on a Bone. It will truly be a miracle if this podcast ever airs Um, I don't recommend counting calories because it really distracts from being able to listen to your own cues, learning about your body, and if you are eating real food, it does magical things for your body. When your body is getting the food that it was designed to, to have those, those building blocks and supplies, it was designed to work with. Everything magically becomes into balance. And when you are having balanced meals and you're eating real food, it is very hard to eat too much. But if you are trying to put on weight or build muscle, then it sometimes can be hard to get enough when you're eating real food. So one thing that I did was a few days to track to see where I was at. And in order to be building muscle, I did need to be increasing my calories and I also wanted to be increasing the amount of nourishing carbs and able to play a little bit around with the percentages of fat versus carbs that I was getting. I was getting enough protein. Certainly that's a big thing to be be aware of. And then the other thing I needed to be doing with my workouts was to actually increase my weights. Like really progressive overload. Like always, you know, each week really working on pushing myself. And to be honest, I wasn't. really doing that. And it was mainly because I was, this, it was during, uh, time when I had a lot of other things going on in life, and so I just decided like I'm not wanting to really push it at the gym because I have enough other things and, and kind of stressors in my life that even though workouts can be a good stress, I didn't want to add that onto my body. That is something that I had to learn very slowly and stubbornly. I mean, because I previously was an expert at being like, oh, I'm like insanely stressed. So also I'm going to do the most intense workout that I can think of, and I'm gonna tell myself that it's for stress relief. Um, that's not what my body thought it told me otherwise, through exhaustion and injuries. So, all this to say I have been increasing the amount of food that I'm getting. Nourishing food, increasing like the beans that I'm getting, whole grains, uh, lot of love, quinoa so much. Um, and like some sweet potatoes and that type of thing. Rice, um, and I have been really increasing it at the gym and just pring all the time, so I had a really awesome workout. Felt like a badass. and now I'm in a great mood and I'm ready to share with you something that, um, will give you just a glimpse of where I'm at in life right now and something that's really exciting me. So I am just finishing up, which is really sad to me, but also exciting the integrative change work certification program that I am doing. I have one more week and I'll be finished. I'll an exam and then I'll have my certification and oh my gosh, it has hands down been the best investment I have ever made in my life. It has changed my life and blown my mind in the most amazing way. I'm obsessed with everything that I have learned. I am obsessed with what I am able to, the results that I'm getting with my clients, and also what I'm able to do, and it's like I want to tell everybody about what I am learning. So early on, one of the things that I said, like for a week straight, I very frequently was saying this and I still like saying it. I would tell my husband, Matt, I'm a wizard. That is what I was, uh, a little bit nervous to share with you. but, but it's out there now. Um, yeah, I was like, I am a wizard. That is what I felt like because of what I have learned in this integrative change work course. And the reason why I didn't really wanna share it is because that sounds kind of crazy, right? Like, like what are you talking about? And especially because coming from the background of being a veterinarian like Doctor, I am very evidence based. Um, but my approach is now looking at body, mind, and heart. And so I combine the science and evidence-based components of living your best life and doing healthy in a way that truly makes you feel alive combined with honoring your heart. You know it, it can't all be evidence-based. but the whole wizarding thing, I mean, that just seemed like the next level weird, right? Um, so the cool thing about this course that I'm doing is that it is very evidence-based. It really is using an understanding of neuroscience and the way that the brain works and it is used to create change very quickly.. That is what is blowing my mind and the reason I was saying I am a wizard is because that's what it feels like, it's evidence based, but the rate at which I am able to create change and the techniques that I am learning, they feel magical and it is so fucking awesome. It is the coolest. And so yes, I made an investment and now I feel a little bit like a wizard, and now I wanna share it with everybody including you. And that is one reason why I'm offering complimentary one hour calls right now because like I, I want to share this with everybody and I want you to experience how quickly change is possible. So to give you an idea of how this can be used. So it really can be used for any habits that you are wanting to break. If you are feeling really anxious or overwhelmed about something, if you have a lifelong phobia of something, you know, I am able, I have these techniques now where within like 15 to 20. minutes there's a very good chance I can help you to overcome a phobia you've had for your entire life. Like what? Wizard level, right? And that's what's just so cool, like the more that you learn about the body and mind your heart, the more you're able to just create change so fast. And with the life Boost experience, one thing that is so important for you to understand is that creating change doesn't always have to be hard. It just means doing things differently. And a lot of the time it. just having a new perspective or a new, a new awareness about something. So like right now, just to give you a little example, just pause and take a few deep breaths with me. Okay. Just like really filling your lungs. So take a breath in and slowly exhale twice the amount of time. You can even do the physiologic sigh with me and with that, that is you inhale, you fill your lungs, and then just inhale just a little bit more, and then slowly exhale. So you're going. that is, and I know it's really hard cuz you can't really see me and maybe you can't even hear me with the breathing, but if you can think back to like, if you've ever had a, a good cry. and you, you know, at the end when you've just like really cried and suddenly you have like this big sigh and maybe you're like, you gotta like breathe in a couple times and then you just breathe out and Wow, you feel like this huge release, the physiologic sigh kind of mimics that. Let's just take a couple of minutes to take those deep breaths fully expanding your lungs and how does it feel? like have had you taken a nice deep breath today? There's probably a good chance you hadn't and yet it feels so good, right? Like it's just breathing, just filling your lungs, something that your body knows how to do. You hadn't been doing it though. And just by simply becoming aware of it and taking just like a minute to take a big breath it can give you new energy, right? Or such a release. It can let go of some of that stress. That's what the life boost experience is like, and that's what it's like to be making healthy changes in creating a sustainable, healthy lifestyle that you never wanna ditch. It really is just like that. It's like one shift at a time. That feels like taking a deep breath. It's just like a, wow, if I just did it that way, it feels so much better, feels so much easier just honoring these simple things that your body needs but you just, maybe you were like walking around kind of holding your breath or you know, just breathing shallow. Just a moment of checking in with your body and acknowledging what it needs It's life changing. So that's what all of the things that I teach in my programs do. And if we are listening to the podcast or use any of my free resources or following me on Instagram or TikTok, I'm always sharing these little things, little shifts in perspective or a little different way of doing things that are going to have such a tremendous impact on your life, and one thing that is so important. One thing that I see so often is that people are postponing, making healthy changes because it feels like it's going to be this really big thing. If you are like the all or nothing or you tend to. be a high achiever, maybe some perfectionism you don't wanna mess up, right? And so it can be intimidating starting to make healthy changes because you don't like, you wanna go all in. It feels like if you just make like little changes, it's not gonna be enough. And you know, if you're dealing with people pleasing or perfectionism, then probably your schedule is always really busy. We probably just don't ever have like a second for you, and that makes it hard to like even pause for a moment to think about what you need or what approach you want. It's just like you can never, you know, just take a deep breath. So one thing that I invite you to be open to is that it really does not have to be a big thing, and in fact the, if the smaller the steps you take, the better and more sustainable. because when you take a little step, it feels doable and you're going to notice, just like taking that big deep breath that there is, uh, you get a little bit of energy and maybe you're a little bit motivated because you're like, wow, I, that was doable, and I can feel the positive effect of that. And so then you're ready for the next smallest step. Those small steps, that's how you climb a mountain. right? You don't want to, like, if you want to run a marathon, you're not just like gonna go out and run the marathon perfectly without any training, right? You wanna be building up to it little steps at a time so that you're, you are becoming stronger and you're growing and becoming more prepared with every step. And so, honestly, If think about the amount of time you spend like on social media, if you swapped 10 minutes of social media time every day for 10 minutes of really checking in with yourself or doing a, an exercise that is like checking in with like, how was your body, how was your mind? How was your heart feeling today? What do you need for today to feel doable? If you took a little moment to give yourself a compliment? If you wrote down your successes, at the end of the day, there are some really crazy, awesome anti-anxiety tools that I now have that instantly will take like an eight to 10, outta 10 stress level to like a zero to two. One of them is faster EFT technique, and I have been doing some Instagram lives demonstrating that you can also, I teach that in the free intro to my Game Changer course in addition to two others. That is magic you like you'll, you will experience the wizardry with the faster E F T technique, which is a faster tapping technique that Melissa Tiers one of the instructors for my integrative change work course. She is just a genius. She's incredible, and she came up with it and taught it to me, and now I want to teach it to everybody because it is like, it will be your secret weapon. So, check out any of those resources so that you can learn this skill because, all right, if you wanna change your life, here is an epic thing that you could start doing first thing in the morning when you wake up notice if there's something that you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed about, maybe even if you slept through your alarm. And as you're thinking about it, do the faster EFT technique right there tap it out that the tapping it does. It's like probably less than a minute. And if you need to, you can loop it a couple times. Repeat it a couple of times. If you start doing this one thing. I promise you, you are going to be amazed at what an impact that has on the way that you feel for the rest of the day. And you're gonna be amazed at, at the shift in how you start waking up in the morning. And that could be something I really invite you. Try that for the next. just that one little step. So I'm asking you to do something that's maybe gonna take like a minute of your day. Think how many minutes you have in the day. Just start that one thing and notice. Notice how it impacts your energy. Notice how it impacts the rest of your day. Notice how it even shifts the way that you're feeling about that thing that was stressing you out. And if you wanna focus on one thing, Use that throughout the day. So say you're in the bathroom in the middle of the day, think of something that's stressing you out, you're feeling overwhelmed, or that's like just, you know, buzzing around in your head, bothering you and tap while you're thinking about that. And then at, at the end of the day, you know, we all have a tendency to just. completely. You know, if when you get out of work, I, you know, personally, I am like, woo-hoo, okay, I am like ready to fly home. I just wanna be home. And then like I get home and I'm like, ah, I gotta like let the dogs out, gotta feed them. I wanna make dinner, like blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. All these things just go, go, go out. How about instead, I've been really talking to several of my clients about this and it makes a huge difference when you get in your instead of immediately leaving, do a round of tapping. That is such an amazing way of giving your brain, your busy brain and nervous system, a signal to chill that is going to help you then decide how do you wanna spend your com commute for a moment, I had to think about how to, I don't know, trouble sometimes with words. Um, yeah, your commute. and think about how you wanna spend it and what's gonna feel good. Just give yourself that little pause. That is one thing that is just majorly missing in almost all of our lives are pauses in the day when you don't have to do anything. You know, I call meditating a brain vacation. This could totally be, may think of it as like a nervous system vacation. A brain vacation. if you start doing this, anything else that you are wanting to do is going to become more doable. If you're procrastinating about something, think about what it is that is feeling overwhelming and do a round of tapping if you tend to. Order fast food when you had intentions of making a healthy dinner. Notice the moment that you're wanting to make that choice to get fast food and start tapping. No lie. This is a secret weapon like this. What I am sharing with you right now will change your life if you let it, and again, you can look back I have it on some Instagram lives, but if you sign up for the free intro to my Game Changer course, you're gonna learn three anti-anxiety tools and you can use all of these in all of the ways that I just described you will be unstoppable. And these are such cool tools that you can teach to your friends, your coworkers, your children. It applies to everybody. Now, this isn't even, um, this is like the very first step of the wizardry. So there's a lot more that I could talk to you about, but. I'm, I'm working on making, doing shorter podcasts because to be honest, I love recording podcasts. What I don't love is editing them, and to be honest, I, I'm not really going to edit this, but some, I, I've been trying to have a transcript with my podcast because I recognize that listening isn't always the best format for everybody, and I can appreciate that sometimes it's helpful to read. Um, and so I try to go back and make it so that the transcripts actually make a tiny bit of sense. You should see the program that I use, um, it's called Descript if you're wanting to podcast or anything, it transcribes. But not quite accurately all the time. And so having to then re-listen to myself and edit that, that's not my favorite thing. And. That is one thing that I'm exploring cuz we always have a choice, right? Like I want to be podcasting, but there is a little bit of friction here in that I don't like the editing process, so I'm trying to explore some different things. Um, I would, I love doing lives like on Instagram. That is just my jam because. So fun for me to connect with you. And that's just another little plug. If you listen to this, just send me a message. Let me know that you're listening because, um, connection is one of my authentic cores. It's my core value. It lights me up. It makes me feel, um, makes me feel alive and fulfilled. And. you know, this podcast, I do think that I am, I think of it as being connected with you, but it is pretty fun when it becomes a two-way street. So I always love to hear feedback on podcast episodes or just, just to hear from you, just letting me know like what's going on in, in your week. Um, Yeah. So there are some other ways that I could be approaching this podcast, and that's what I'm exploring. Like what is the, the most, the easiest, most fun way that I can be doing this? And I really invite you to be thinking about that in your own life. If there are things that you're wanting to do, but also maybe they're feeling hard, just exploring all of the possible ways that you could be doing it, and maybe how could you be doing it, um, in a way that's more fun for you. So at least now I have gotten this off my chest. I do feel kind of like a wizard. And so here's the cool thing with the integrative change work that I've done, the certification process, what it's helped me do is to take all of the other things that I have learned. In all of my journey and all of the education that I have and all of the research I've done on my own, and it has allowed me to take all of that and then to use the framework and the new techniques that I have and really understanding how to create change so quickly in the brain and the nervous system. And it's helped me to just to expedite the results that I'm getting with my clients. And if you do want to experience this magic and this, um, experience just so quickly things can change. Then at the time of this recording, at least I am offering complimentary one hour calls, so I'll leave the link in the show notes to sign up. But, yeah, you can schedule a call and you can let me know what you're wanting to change and I will help you to see how quickly that is possible for you. Speaking of change and just spending like 10 minutes a day with you doing something with my Life Boost experience, the one year program. I, I think that it sometimes can seem like, oh, you have to be totally ready to dive into this, and you have to like go all in and you do need to be ready to ready for change. Right. Kind of like for me, I needed to stop just wishing that things would be different and that I would be stronger and I needed to decide, is this something I wanna prioritize? And I needed to start doing things differently. So if you are at that point with your wellness journey where you're really wanting to make healthy changes and have a sustainable, healthy life, then the one year Life boost experience is great for you. So here's how this works. If you could commit to spending like 10 less minutes on social media and instead you could open up, uh, either on your phone there's an app that allows you to, or you can open up your computer log in if you can commit to spending 10 minutes per day reading one lesson or doing one exercise that I've taught you or checking in just with yourself for 10 minutes every day. This program is a year you will be so amazed at how much your life has changed. I promise you, if you can just commit to putting in at least 10 minutes per day, and if you're like, oh, like the group coaching calls, I don't know if I can make it. That's okay. Honestly, I have been part of a, a group coaching program and I have not once had like actually received direct coaching, and yet I have. I have learned so much from that program because the group coaching calls are recorded and I listen to them, and also because of the coursework I, that the framework of that program has helped me so much, and that's why I created this life Boost experience. honestly, you, I definitely invite you to come to the group coaching calls when you can, because the way that it works is that if you're having something that's feeling very overwhelming or if you're feeling really stuck, or if you just, if you need it, Change or work through something, you are able to be getting coaching on that call so that you can continue to move forward. And um, that's such a beautiful thing to be able to just imagine if, um, no matter what's feeling overwhelming or like an obstacle, if you had a resource where you can turn and just un have clarity on how to keep moving forward. Um, so that's what the group coaching component does. But yeah, you can listen to the recordings at your convenience and you can always post questions in the community group. So it's something that I'm very proud of because as I think about like this last certification, that program that I just did, I definitely, that has been the best investment that I've made. Just it's. I cannot imagine my life now without knowing these techniques that I have now. But as I think back, it's amazing all of the different courses, like how much information I have gained and absorbed through my journey. And the thing that I'm just so proud of is that I've combined all of that into the life boost experience. And so, you know, when I think about my doing pre-med at wheaton my undergrad, like liberal arts college, you know, starting that general foundation of knowledge of the body and the brain. And then going on to veterinary school. And in vet school we learn the way that the, like we learn human physiology and like pharmacology and then we learn The variations between species and then we are able to like compare and contrast. And that has been hugely helpful for me, I think, in looking at like the similarities and differences even between each Unique individual, seeing how all of our bodies are the same, but also how they're different and really honoring and learning to tune into your unique body. And you know, as a veterinarian, I do feel like I have some unique skills and really being a very good history taker because that's very important and understanding my patients. as well as knowing how to collect data on things other than what I'm being told. You know, my patients, my vet patients don't come in being able to tell me what's wrong with'em, and so I need to really be a detective and be using all the other information that I have from their body and the signs and putting the pieces of the puzzle together. And so that's just certainly been hugely valuable in my approach. Um, and seeing, you know, how stress influences my patients. And then of course, my own experience with becoming burnt out as a veterinarian. And ignoring my body and just living in this totally stressed out, anxious state for so long and, and feeling like I was so stuck and my own personal journey of really going from this place where I was feeling so stuck and miserable in dealing with gut health issues and insane amounts of stress and wishing away, wishing for retirement, and living for the weekends and then not really ever resting on the weekends, and it's just like stuck in this vicious cycle. Going from that to where I am now truly living a life better than I ever imagined was possible. Having such amazing energy, feeling so good in my body, and just on this incredible journey of just always like expanding my awareness, expanding what I know, just having so much excitement for my life and waking up every morning feeling so great. you know, there have been, it has been one little step after another in order to get to this point. And all those little steps are all pieces that I have folded into the life boost experience and in a way that gives you just one step at a time and, you know, just continuing to think about some of the other education and growth opportunities I've had, you know, when I did take that big leap and invested in the integrative nutrition health coaching program that ended up being, it was great for me personally, just in my wellness journey, really deepening that and just being exposed to so many different approaches, really just, um, again, Taking that kind of holistic approach, seeing all these different ways of looking at things, looking at the similarities and differences and kind of finding my own understanding, um, and approach within that,, has definitely, you know, I've definitely integrated parts of that into the life boost experience and that is how I have always been, even as a doctor, as a veterinarian. Um, I certainly take the traditional approach, but with that I have integrated more holistic and alternative therapies too. Like for me, I became certified in acupuncture during my fourth year of at school, and I did that because I, back to me ignoring my body. Uh, ran a marathon despite having a running injury and I couldn't run, and I was literally limping at the walk for a very long time. And I did physical therapy, I had steroid injections, nothing was helping at all. And I finally did acupuncture and after one treatment, I had more relief than I'd ever had. And within a couple I could run again. It was magical. It was wizardry, And so having that experience, I was like, I have to be able to offer that to my patients. And I wanted to understand more about why it worked. And so, um, that is something that I have always been interested in. Pain management has always been really, important to me. Especially for our, my furry patients. Well for everybody, of course, but that's why it was really important to me that if I got so much relief from that I needed to be able to offer that to my patients. And so I also look at other things, you know, I'm curious about C B D. I'm frustrated with some of the laws that sometimes make some approaches challenging to be recommending or making it even hard to be gathering more research and evidence-based. And I'm glad that that's an area that's growing too because with supplements in general, you know, you can't trust them and you do need important third party testing. And so the more that the world becomes open to these alternatives, the more we can be making sure that they are safe and effective doses that were using the right amounts, but this was a big, big, detour, huh. But just wanted to share a little bit of the journey that I've been on. Some of the other, um, like workshops and courses that I've taken, I've also been on gut health, on un shaming. I love just always expanding my mind and my awareness and learning about lots of different approaches. You know, like for example, with gut health, there are lots of different opinions out there, um, because this is still a field where there's a lot to learn. And so with everything, you know, especially with nutrition and weight loss, And, and just health in general, you know, everybody's approach to that is different. My approach has been to expose myself to as many opinions and approaches as possible and to look at what are some of the common underlying themes and to, you know, embrace my inner researcher. I'm always experimenting myself too, and seeing what makes sense to me from an evidence-based level, but then also making sure that it makes sense when you're honoring your heart. like, does, is this something that's doable? Is this giving energy or draining it? And that's why, you know, ultimately one of the biggest things that I have realized is so important to remember is just that your body's one mission in life is to keep you safe and healthy and protected. And it just remembering that you and your body, you're meant to be playing on the same team, and anytime your body isn't feeling like it's cooperating, it's because it either thinks that you are being threatened. Or maybe you haven't been really setting it up for success in some of those basic necessities that it needs. Like real food, water, sunlight, rest, taking deep breaths. You know, maybe it hasn't been getting those. And it's unfortunate that our society is just really tends to be focused on, Just numbing or putting a bandaid over things or not really asking why, and just really have a pretty like tough approach on our bodies. Where really we, we need to be softening, being gentler with ourselves. You know, ditching the judgment, embracing curiosity, getting curious about why we don't feel good. You know, why is your weight not cooperating? Why are you not be able to building strength? Why are you feeling crazy, anxious all the time? You know, why are you exhausted? We need to get curious and our bodies, they are always giving us feedback and we just need to learn to listen. And that means not numbing or putting band-aids, you know, in the form of like medications or, you know, a note. I am not anti-medication. There's absolutely a place for that. but just making sure that we aren't just masking signs and that we are always getting curious about why are we needing medications, you know, and, and not numbing with foods or alcohol, or screen time. The more that you just do connect with yourself, and a really amazing place to start is just taking deep breaths and going back to that faster EFT technique. You know, the more you just check in with yourself. Notice the thoughts that are influencing your actions. Notice the thoughts and how that's making you feel, and know that you are so much more capable of change than you may think. change can happen really quickly. Uh, there's a really cool thing. Our brains it's called neuroplasticity. It means that our brains are very capable of changing in a very simplified way you can think of your brains as like having kind of certain electrical wiring, and if you have certain habits, there's a term, neurons that fire together, wire together. And so if there are certain habits, that's just like the wiring that you have, but it's actually quite simple to rewire your brain and start to have new thoughts or to start to have new feelings about certain things. And that's what I teach in all of my programs, my one-on-one program. My Life Boost experience one year program, and even if you just wanna experience the change very quickly, then definitely sign up for the free intro to my game changer course and also, let's just chat. Let's have fun for an hour. I can share some of my wizardry with you and you'll leave just feeling like you've unleashed some of your inner unstoppable badass, and you'll just be ready to conquer something that's been getting in your way. So thanks for going on this wild ride with me. That's why I didn't really know what I was going to talk about, but I think that we made it through at least, hopefully everything recorded, but just a reminder that you are awesome and cheers to your inevitable health, happiness, and success.

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Hey, so I recorded this episode a couple of weeks ago and I still haven't aired it yet, and that is because after recording this, it really got me thinking about. How I could be really sharing the faster EFT technique and that exercise that I was talking about, about using it in the morning. And I just kept thinking about more and more ways that I wanted to share with you how to use this powerful exercise. I truly think of it as one of my secret weapons because. Of how much it has the power to change so many things in terms of decreasing stress, changing habits, making any day feel more doable, even getting better sleep. I mean, this is something that everyone in the world needs to have in their back pocket, and so I actually ended up creating this whole new resource that I am so proud of. Whatever I create in any of the programs or free resources, I really give it my all and I put a lot of time and thought into it and that's what I've been doing the last couple of weeks. And so I just created a new resource that I am making free that you really need to check out. Because it is just, it's gonna blow your mind. I'm really teaching you more about how to do that self-directed neuroplasticity. Basically you being in control of rewiring your brain and creating the change that you're wanting in this world. So, Think I'm finally going to be airing this podcast, but I had been exploring that and so wanted you to know. So I'm gonna leave the link in the show notes and you can get your copy and I cannot wait to hear what you think about it.

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This is officially the end of this episode. Cheers, your inevitable health, happiness, and success.