Life Boost with Amelia

Ep. 57 | Unleashing Your Inner Unstoppable Bad-Ass

March 12, 2023 Amelia Knight Pinkston Season 1 Episode 57
Life Boost with Amelia
Ep. 57 | Unleashing Your Inner Unstoppable Bad-Ass
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This episode is going to be a game changer for you! By the end of this episode, you're going to feel different, because you will have already started to unleash yourself from the things that are holding you back. In the second portion of this episode, I walk you through a powerful exercise so that you can begin to unleash your inner unstoppable bad-ass. Let me know what you think!

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Hey life boosters. This is Dr. Amelia health and life coach and recovered burnout vet here to help you ditch the yo-yo dieting people pleasing and perfectionism by breaking the norm and living a life that energizes you from within. Ladies this episode is about unleashing the unstoppable bad-ass that is inside of you right now. By the end of this episode, you are going to notice a shift inside of you. You are going to notice a fire or an energy. or your heart expanding. A strength that you may not have connected with at least for a long time. And that is going to be you connecting with a power and the unstoppable bad-ass that is inside of you. Now, if you listen to this podcast episodes, like while you're driving or going for a walk. The first part of this episode, listen in whichever way you want to. But at the end, I am going to walk you through an exercise where it's really important that you're in a nice, cozy, safe space. Um, because you're going to be closing your eyes and I'm going to be guiding you through an exercise that is going to. Be incredibly powerful. I was thinking about just creating this for my membership site. And I realized no, like every woman needs this now. And so that's why I'm creating the podcast episode instead. So when I talk about breaking the norm and living a life that energizes you from within. It's important that you understand what that really means. That is what guides the work that I do. Because I went from this point where I felt so stuck and miserable and just living with regret. I literally was just waiting for retirement. To this point where that's the best way that I can say it is that my life energizes me from within it's like my heart is expanding. I feel full. I wake up and I am just excited for the day. And I want you to know that no matter where you are that is so possible and available for you. And I am going to share some things in this episode that are going to help you to see what has been holding you back, weighing you down, getting in the way. And I'm going to help you to start moving forward. Because woman are determined. Right?. Think about everything that you do in a day. Think about. Women have so many expectations. That we live with. There's this need to have the perfect body. And then there's that need to be pleasant. And to be the way that we think that we should be. The need to be successful in our careers. As partners. as a mom as a wife as a daughter. as a host in all aspects of our life, we are always trying to be that person that we think that we should be. But the thing is. The person that we have been taught that we should be it's not coming from a place that sets us up for real success. Not a place that sets up, sets us up for success in terms of how to feel alive and empowered and strong and confident in who we are. Because we live in a society where the message is that smaller is better. Restricting. Being pleasant. Holding yourself back. Being controlled. Taking care of everything around you. We do not live in a society where the message is to be unstoppable. To be the most powerful, confident version of you. To take up space. To walk into a room and to hold yourself. In a way that feels good. Unapologetic. That is not the society that we live in. And that is why we need to break the norm. I was inspired to record this podcast episode because of an experience I had yesterday. Where I was just observing some thoughts that showed up and I got really curious about them. So it started in the morning when I stepped on the scale and the number on the scale was higher. Now, the reason that I am weighing myself is because I am working on building strength. And this information on the scale is valuable information for me to be monitoring my progress. And before we go farther, you should know that with all of my clients. Just about, I tell them to ditch the scale. Because until you have a very loving and respectful relationship with your body where the number on the scale does not influence the way that you treat yourself. Or what you feel like you earned or whether you feel like you are. You can have a good versus bad day. Until you are at that point where when you walk onto this scale, The number is just data for you to use to gain information and knowledge about your body and what it needs. Then you should ditch it. Because the scale can't tell you what you actually want. Because any time you are weighing yourself. Ultimately the goal is because you think that that number on the scale is going to help you to feel a certain way. And it's that feeling that you need to connect with, but what happens with the scale and especially if you're working on weight loss. Then either you step on the scale, you're feeling good about the changes you've been making you step on the scale and you see a number that you like. So all that has happened in that is that you have that validation. That yes the number is representative of the direction that you thought you were already heading. But the other thing that can happen when you step on the scale is that you're feeling really good. You're making changes, you're feeling strong and comfortable in your body. And then you step on the scale and it's not the number you wanted. Maybe it's increased. Now what happens, that's sending mixed messages, right? Because you were feeling really awesome and you were making really great changes but now, how do you treat your body? And that's why when I stepped on the scale because I am trying to build muscle. Muscle weighs even more than fat. So if I want to be gaining muscle, I need that number to increase. And yet when I saw that, that number increased I still had a little thought in my head. That's automatic thought that has just been ingrained in me that that was bad. And I'm just sharing that to be completely honest. No, it did not change the way that I treated my body. I actually increased the amount of food that I had yesterday purposefully. But it's important to be aware of these thoughts that we have and to question them. Because. I am a very healthy weight. I am a pretty low BMI score. And so I'm sharing this because I want you to know that no matter what number you see on the scale there is likely this thought that has been ingrained in you because of the society that we live in and the focus on calories in calories out. That makes you think that a smaller number is better. Depriving is better. There was this, there was a split second moment when I was like, Ooh, that's up. I better, I better hold back today. And the thing that has changed so much and if you're curious, I took a break from the scale for a few years. Because I recognized that it really was, it determined how I felt about myself. I was at a point where I was being too restrictive. And I knew that it wasn't, it was not creating a loving and respectful relationship with my body. And so everything that I recommend or that I share and I invite you to try. There are things that I have tried and that I know make a huge difference. But now I'm at that point where I like collecting data and embracing my inner researcher. And especially during this point, when I am experimenting with what is working best for my body, so that I can be building more strength and increasing my weights in the gym. Then this is valuable information. But as I noticed this like instant thought of like, Ooh, no smaller would be better. Restrict Getting curious about where that really comes from. And of course, yes, it comes from the diet and fitness culture for sure. Where that focus on the calories in calories out equation is ingrained. It's just in our society. You see it all the time. There's the pressure to be working out. If you're not working out, you're failing. There are these mixed messages where like, food is super enjoyable and that's where you get comfort and reward, but at the same time, you shouldn't be caving into that and you should be restricting yourself and being good. Like you are bombarded with like thousands of messages all day long that are just subconsciously telling you this and ingraining it in you. But if we're really to get curious about, so why, why are we supposed to be doing that? Then, if you think about it, It's because we are aiming to have that ideal body. Right. And who determined that ideal body, that body that we see in the magazines. All of this is coming from a patriarchal society. It's always coming in. In having a body that looks good to others. How often do you see messages about it being like. Get the weight that feels good to you. Get the weight that makes you feel powerful and strong and confident. It tends to be more about. How can you make your body attractive to those around you. How can you make your body the ideal that the society has determined is great. It's not usually about. What makes you feel amazing? It's about how can I be smaller? And we really need to call that out. So much, of just everything in this society that women are taught. It's all about how can you be pleasant? And controlled. And appealing. Attractive. And how can you. Control yourself and hold back your impulses. Your desires. The pleasure. It is about being in control. All the time. So that we are doing what we are taught, we should be doing as caregivers. As in women who can take care of everything. What if, instead of trying to be smaller, women instead made it their mission to think about what they needed in order to be comfortable taking up more space. What if instead of restricting. You were thinking about how can I honor the desires and the impulses that I'm having today and honor what's in my heart. In a way that is going to feel good. In a way that is going to help me to show up as the best version of myself. In a way that helps me to feel like the bad-ass powerful, strong, independent woman that I am. How would that change the way that you nourished your body? If, instead of trying to make yourself smaller, you were trying to think about how can I fuel this body that I have to be strong and so that I carry myself in a way where I walk into a room and I'm comfortable taking up space because I am comfortable with who I am. How does that version of you? Nourish and fuel your body. What kind of movement do you have in your day when you love the person that you are? When you were honoring what your body needs not when you're trying to focus on draining your energy. Because we are in this society where in order to do everything that we're taught we're supposed to. When you're trying to do everything right. When you are trying to take care of your body in the way that you think that you should, when you're trying to take care of her of everybody around you, when you are trying to. Just say yes to everything because you don't want to feel guilty and suddenly your day is completely full because you've been focusing on literally restricting energy and burning energy and just taking care of everyone at the end of the day you are exhausted. Right there. You're on empty. And when you're on empty, you can't show up as the bad-ass that you are. Which is very convenient for a patriarchal society. Right. Because so important that you see. All these things that you've been working towards, maybe you've been struggling with yo-yo dieting or people pleasing, perfectionism. You are determined. Think about how much energy you have been putting into trying to be the version of you that you think that you should be. The problem is not, you. The problem is that all that determination has been directed trying to follow rules in a game where if you follow those rules, you lose. You lose who you are. And you lose your energy. This is why it's so important to start paying attention to the thoughts that you're having in a day. Those thoughts that you're probably not aware of. Just as I said, when I'm stepping on the scale, those split second thoughts of like, Ooh, And I better restrict. And getting curious about them instead, thinking about where are these coming from and is this actually. True. Thinking about when you hold yourself back. Maybe you say yes, because you don't want to feel guilty. And instead, starting to question that, why do you feel guilty? Saying no. Where is that coming from? How could that be related to patriarchal society that doesn't want you as a woman to be empowered and strong and confident. Is that a thought that is benefiting men? Not you. And if for any I've likely lost any male listener who typically listens to the podcast. But if you are listening, know that. This is not a bash on men. This is just calling out a patriarchal society that we live in. I know there are so many men who are so aware who empower the women around them, who are their cheerleaders. I'm grateful for my husband, Matt. He is, he helped me to make that switch to see when I was a burnout vet to start looking past that and to start seeing what was possible if I just, for a moment. Allowed myself to stop thinking about all the reasons, why things couldn't be different. And to think what would I do if none of those were reasons why I had to be stuck. So it's this society that we're living that teaches us these thoughts. And that's what we need to call out because when you can call them out, And question them. That's when you can start to decide which direction you want to go on and you can start to take back your energy. So my programs ultimately are about helping women to Unchained themselves from the things that are weighing them down. Typically yo-yo dieting people pleasing, perfectionism. So that you can unleash the unstoppable, powerful bad-ass that is inside of you, right now. And the first thing. In order to get to that point is you have to identify the thoughts that had been chaining you down. And that's what we're going to do today. This is so important to me. Because for so much of my life. I was chained down and so many ways. It was like, I physically felt like some one holding me back so often where I would have an impulse. To just like show up as the, you know, As the real me. And it was like, there was like this part of me that was trying to protect me being like, Nope, don't show don't show all of you. Just be polite, just show up in the way that you know is safe. It was trying to protect me. But it was sucking the life out of me. It was holding me back from living my life. I was so exhausted. From just always trying to do more and it never feeling like it was enough. I worked so hard in my career and to get to that point as a veterinarian. And yet I constantly had this voice inside of me. That was just telling me that I wasn't doing good enough. I wasn't good enough. And the job was sucking the life out of me. And even on the weekends, I was trying to do everything else that I thought that I should be doing in order to be a good wife and a the just the perfect women having my home perfect and cooking and just, I would, my brain just came up with endless things for me to do so that I had an endless to do list. And so I would wait all week for the weekend. And then I would spend my weekend being a slave to a to do list. I just was never getting a break because rest felt really uncomfortable. And when I didn't realize at the time was that rest, fiddle uncomfortable. Because I was stuck in survival mode. I was stuck in a trauma response. That flight and fawn response. That was why I couldn't rest. That was why my to-do list never ended. It wasn't because I had to always be doing. It's because I didn't know how to exist in another way. That's something that I slowly had to be calling out. And I had to learn, and that's why that's what I teach in my game changer course. So as I started to just notice. All the areas where I was just holding myself back, the things that were weighing me down. As I started to be able to shed those things and to just push them out of my way that's when my life started to change. And that's when I started to get energy. And an interesting thing happened as I started to ditch the things that were holding me back, I started to connect with my inner Leo. So I was born in August and for so long, there were many aspects of a Leo that just didn't didn't sound like me. The Leo's really like to be the center of attention. They're confident. They're luxury loving. And that sounded like the exact opposite of me. I did not like to be the center of attention nowI was very quiet because I was always just anticipating any judgment that someone may have. I just would assume what if I say something stupid? What if there there's a flaw? What if they don't like me? It was much easier to just be quiet and in the background. In terms of confidence, I was suffering from imposter syndrome. It didn't matter how many achievements I had or what the number on the scale was, or what achievements I had in the gym. I, it never was good enough. And luxury loving. I truly would have trouble even splurging on the guac at Chipola, which my husband, Matt likes to make fun of me for all the time, but I was beating myself up so much for decisions that I had, I was living with so much regret I was beating myself up for deciding to go to vet school and for having the student loans. And it didn't matter how much success I had. I just always felt like I wasn't worthy of buying anything for myself. But as I have become aware of the things that have been holding me back from wanting to be the center of attention. Holding me back from feeling confident in who I am. Realizing why it was so uncomfortable to spend money on myself. As I started to become aware of those and to unchain myself and free myself from those and to heal and to connect with myself. The more, I really did start. She realized that I have a lot of those Leo characteristics. And so that has helped me too. Create this statement that really embodies everything that I'm after. When I think about. The life that I'm manifesting and the way that I want to show up in the world. The statement that just feels really true in my heart and so motivating. Is, I am an unstoppable lioness. That lioness that helps me to be connected with that Leo part of me which is a part of me that didn't get to be seen for a long time, but it was always there. And I think about that statement. I am an unstoppable lioness throughout the day and it just feels really good and empowering. Because to mea lioness embodies so much of the version of me that I want to be. When you think about a lioness, the first thing that comes to my mind is the way a lioness walks.. She just owns who she is. She walks with this confidence and strength and grace. She goes after what she wants with strength and focus. Lionesses are wild and free. They're living the life that they want. They're honoring the needs that they have. Lionesses treat rest like an obvious necessity, not a luxury. I mean, they are epic nappers, right? Because they know that they're working hard and they own their rest. They know that that's so important. And while alioness is so strong and confident, she's also playful and affectionate. She takes care of those that she loves. Lionesses are comfortable taking up space. And they're really good at boundaries. Other animals respect them. She has clear boundaries to protect her energy, her space. My inner unstoppable bad-ass it's that unstoppable lioness. And I invite you to explore. Who is that for you? What is that version of you? What is a statement that just makes you feel bad-ass to feel that strength that embodies what makes you feel. Comfortable and confidentin who you are. All right. So now it's time to play. We're going to do an exercise that is going to help you to start unleashing your inner unstoppable bad-ass by the end of this little podcast episode. I'm going to walk you through. A guided mental rehearsal, you can call it a hypnosis. This is one of the many techniques I have learned in the integrative change work certification that I'm finishing up about connecting with your subconscious mind. These are powerful tools to create change very quickly. You are going to notice a shift within yourself. It's gonna feel really good. And very therapeutic. So, this is where if you are driving or something, this is going to have to be done at another time'cause you're gonna need to just get cozy in a chair. And the first thing that I want you to do. Is to think of somewhere in your life where you're feeling held back. Think where in your life are you feeling a little bit like a dog on a leash. Where you are wanting something you're wanting to go after it. And maybe there is a point where you can run, but then you keep. Getting stuck. You keep getting to the end of that leash and just being tugged back. And even though you really want it, you cannot move forward. Where is that in your life? Maybe you're wanting to make healthy changes and you just aren't able to stick with the healthy habits or you've been yo-yo dieting. Maybe you are wanting to progress in your career, but you're feeling held back. You're feeling stuck. Maybe you are wanting to stick up for yourself somewhere, and yet you keep not speaking up or you keep saying yes when you want to say, no, you're not sticking up for your boundaries. Think about what that is for you. And once you have that big category. Then think about specific memories that you have specific examples. And this exercise that we're going to do, it's really powerful. Because your brain is very capable of changing. And one way of doing that is that we need to light up the neural network of those memories. So think of three examples, three specific memories where you were feeling held back. So for example, if you're struggling with Dieting. Maybe there was a time when you ate the pizza at night, when you were planning on. Um, Having a healthy dinner. And maybe when you were at work, you had planned on having a snack and, um, like you had packed a nourishing snack, and yet then there were donuts in the break room. And the way that you're going to write these memories is really reliving them. So, right. Like it's Thursday, I'm at work. And then I walk into the break room. Planning to have my healthy snack, but then the donuts were just staring right at me. And I just couldn't resist. And notice the feeling that you get, the feeling that was out of control or feeling that it was overwhelming. Write those down so you can pause this and take as much time as you need. And then when you're ready. We're going to do a little guided exercise. That's going to be very relaxing. Okay. So hopefully you wrote down your memories and your specific area where you're feeling held back. Get nice and comfortable in a chair or bed. You're going to be closing your eyes. In the spot where you'll be safe. And I'm going to start by counting down from 10 to one. And I'll be having you open and close your eyes different times. So make sure that there's a focal point in front of you. That's not a screen. Something that's not going to be distracting. And just, as you sit here, just take a couple of deep breaths, taking a breath in. And slowly exhale for twice the amount of time. Slowly inhale. And slowly. Really exhale. Now, closing your eyes. imagine uh, number 10 and whatever way it shows up. And as you do that, feel a wave of relaxation. From your head to your toes. And imagine that the 10. Slowly fading away. And then open your eyes and close your eyes nine. Feeling another wave of relaxation and comfort. Uh, number nine slowly, fading. Ooh. And then open your eyes and close your eyes eight. Feeling deeper comfort and relaxation. And eight fades. Oh way. Open your eyes and close your eyes. feeling the wave of comfort and relaxation. As a seven fee oh way. And open your eyes and close your eyes six. Feeling that wave of comfort and relaxation. As the six slowly fades away. And open your eyes and close your eyes five. Deeper comfort. And five slowly fading. Oh way. And open your eyes and close your eyes for. Feeling the comfort and relaxation. As the four fades away. And then open your eyes and close your eyes three. Feeling the wave of deep comfort and relaxation. There's three slowly fades away. Open your eyes and close your eyes to. Deep sense of comfort and relaxation is the two fades away. And open your eyes and close your eyes. One. Feeling that comfort, deep relaxation. As the one slowly fades away. Now allow your unconscious mind. To bring up the memory that it thinks is most important. And there's no right or wrong answer. Whatever memory comes up. That's just straight. And allow yourself to become aware of that memory is if it's a scene in a movie that you're watching. You're watching yourself in that scene. Where you're feeling held pack. And notice how as you watch. Yourself, that version of you. You already have a new perspective? It's variable to watch. And see what she might need. So in that scene. What is it? That she needs. To be unleashed. If you can give her any resource that she needs. Maybe you need to tell her something with this new perspective that you have. Maybe she needs something like a hug. Maybe she physically. Is feeling chained down. Or held back. And there's something that needs to happen. In order for her to break free. Notice what she needs. And allow yourself to give her. Whatever she needs. If her, whatever resources. Tell her whatever she needs to know. Unleash her. And as you give her what she needs. To feel free. And to go forward in the way that she wants. Notice how that changes things. Notice how she feels. As she becomes untethered. Notice how that changes the scene and the way that she shows up. Notice how it changes her energy. At her posture. Notice how it changes everything. When she's not chained down. And help back. By those things that used to hold her back. Once you've given her everything that she needs. To move forward. And you see just how different things are for her. Now that she has what she needs. Now allow yourself to become aware of the next memory as if that's another scene in the movie. Seeing where that version of you is held back. You may already notice that things have changed. Because that other version of you is free and that changes all the other memories. No imagine that that freed version of you. And you, your perspective as you're watching that scene. You're both able to help that version of you in this new memory. You're able to set that version of you free in whatever way. Needs to happen. Can Unchained unleash. Give whatever resource. Maybe you want to tell her something? What does she need? To feel free so that she shows up. In the way that feels so good. Allow yourself to unleash her. And notice how that changes things. Notice how she feels. Being untethered and unleashed. Notice how everything is different. Notice how she just needed. It's just needed to be Unchained. Notice how the whole scene changes. As she's freed. And now both of those free versions. Notice. How much more powerful and strong they feel and free. And now imagine. That third memory where you had previously been held back. And notice if by freeing those other versions of you. Notice if now that they are free and powerful. Notice if that already changes. What that version of you does and that memory. Notice how the freed versions of you can work together. And build power. And strength and freedom. Notice in that memory, if there's anything that needs to happen for that version of you to feel free. Notice how different. Everything is. Now that you're free. Notice how now you have this new strength and perspective. That you continue to carry forward. Not just in the old memories. But in the future with this new wisdom and perspective. Having unleashed those versions of you. So that you are unstoppable. Notice how it feels. To be free. No allow yourself now to float into those memories. The float in to know you. You really feel. What it's like when nothing is holding you back. When you have everything that you need to be unleashed to be moving forward. Notice how that feels. Notice what you're doing and where you are. Notice your posture. Notice how you walk into a room. Notice how you can breathe. No allow yourself to Magine a year from now. Imagine yourself so free and unstoppable and powerful and confident. Because you've let go of all those things that were holding you back. Notice how life has different. Notice how you feel just the way you want to feel. Notice how you're doing chess, what you want to be doing. Notice how it feels. To be just where you want to be knowing that you're not held back, knowing that you're free. And as you're feeling just the way you want to feel, noticing this life a year from now. Check in with your heart. Your heart has so many neurons. One of your brains, really three brains. The brain and your skull. The brain and your gut, the second brain. And the brain and your heart. Checking in with their heart. What does it want you to know? About. Uh, next smallest step that you need to take. Now. In order to get to this life a year from now in order to feel the way that you want to feel. What does your heart want you to know? No that as you're thinking about this fear, unconscious mind is going to continue. To be thinking about this. And then in the future, when you sleep tonight, Because you've connected with this version of you. That's unstoppable version. Um, taking a moment to check in with your second brain, your gut. Notice, if there's anything that your gut wants you to know right now about the next smallest step you can take forward. Towards unleashing. Your inner unstoppable bad-ass. Be open to whatever comes up. Now as you feel this feeling of being free and unstoppable. And unleashed. Now allow yourself. To bring all of that back into your heart right now, along with that wisdom. That you have, and that clarity of the next smallest step forward for you. No, that that version of you in the future, it's already in you right now. Just waiting to be unleashed. And knowing that you've already. Already done the work and starting to Unchained yourself. And knowing that that's just going to continue. As you move forward, noticing where you're feeling chained back. And freeing yourself. Once you have that feeling in your heart, you may notice that you're ready to stretch. Um, your eyes come slowly open. Notice what's different now. Notice that you're closer. To unleashing your inner unstoppable bad-ass. This is how you change. By identifying the things that have been holding you back. And unleashing and unlocking and unchaining yourself. So that you can unleash the unstoppable bad-ass that is inside of you. Don't let silly rules that don't make sense hold you back from living a life that you know, in your heart, you deserve. For, so much of my life I ignored what was on my heart because my conscious mind was so focused on the rules that I thought that I needed in order to be happy and successful. but, you cannot let your mind run the show. There are a lot of thoughts that aren't going to set you up for success. You have to honor what your body, mind and heart need. You need to call out what's getting in your way. Do not resign to a life that is sucking the life out of you. You are too good for that. You are too beautiful of a person to be holding yourself back and beating yourself up. You have so much determination. Think right now about how much energy you are putting into trying to be the person that you think that you should be. Or how much energy is getting sucked out of you every time you judge yourself for not being able to be that person, you think you should be. How unrealistic are those expectations? What if you just allowed yourself to be you. If you don't hide the parts of you that you don't think that are good enough what if instead you put that energy towards loving all parts of you just as the way that you are now. And what if you focused that strength and that determination on allowing yourself to be you. What if you instead of dismissing your dreams and desires because they don't seem practical or they seem like too big or unrealistic, what if instead you make it your mission to notice what is holding you back, where are the chains? And get curious about what you need to free yourself from those. Allow yourself to dream bag. Allow yourself to be you. I promise that your dreams are so much closer and more available than you think they are. The biggest thing that's getting in the way is you. That's the good news, because as soon as you decide to go after what you want and just start showing up as the real beautiful, authentic you who has unique thoughts and perspectives and unique body that nobody else in this world has. If you don't allow yourself to show up as the real, you, you could go through your entire life without actually being you. Allow yourself to unlock the version of you who needs to come out. And if you're listening to this and you're like, but I am putting all of my energy into being the version of me that I want to be. Maybe you're working to achieve a certain number on the scale or you're working in your career or as a parent. If you are pouring energy into trying to be a version of you, notice how every step is making you feel, how your approach is making you feel. Because when you are taking an approach that is authentic and true to who you are and honoring all that you need that journey is going to give you energy every step of the way, even if it's hard. Because it's going to be honoring what truly matters to you, and it's going to be bringing out the real version of you. So if right now, if you were working really hard for weight loss, but it's feeling really hard. Then there's a part of you that you are not honoring. There's a part of you that's not being loving and respectful to something that you need. And if you can get curious about that, get curious about what is dragging you down. What's the friction. What's the part that's feeling really hard. And instead of just trying to brace and push forward exhausting your energy. Allow yourself to soften and to get curious about what is weighing you down? And what could you do differently that would give you energy as you work towards your goals? Hopefully this exercise has given you a taste of what it would feel like to free yourself. So with that in mind, what is the next smallest step forward that you can take to lift a weight off your shoulders and to Unchained yourself so that you can stop holding yourself back from the life that you deserve. One really easy step forward is signing up for the free intro to my game changer course. As you move forward and you step into the truest version of you and you shed the things that are holding you back the number one thing that is going to set you up for success and resilience is being able to regulate your nervous system. When you feel empowered with the skills to instantly shift yourself out of a activated sympathetic fight or flight state. When you have the tools to instantly shift yourself into a calmer, more neutral state you become unstoppable. Because think of anywhere that you're feeling held back. It's because there's some kind of uncomfortable emotion. There's anxiety or fear, anger, sadness, or there's some kind of feeling. That when you think about what you need, what you want. How you want to move forward? There's some kind of feeling that is holding you back. And when you learn how to shift out of that state so that you get to decide how you want to move forward. That is when you become resilient a F. So in my, the free intro to my game changer course. I teach you three tools. Anti-anxiety tools that you can use that are instantly going to shift you out of a strong emotional state. It's going to shift you into neutral. These have the power to take like an eight to 10 out of 10 stress level to like a zero to two. And then I also share how to connect with your body, mind and heart every day with my version of journaling, which if you hate journaling, if you fit, it feels like it's just going to be homeworky or it sounds totally unappealing. Um, that's okay. Because my version is still something that you may really enjoy, and I share that with you and I help you to start connecting with what you actually want. So you don't just immediately dismiss those desires that you have. You get all that in the free intro to my game changer course. And then if you decide that you like those small steps, And you want to continue your journey forward. That's where my yearly membership comes in. I will help you to every step of the way identify what's been getting in the way of showing up as the unstoppable bad-ass inside of you. Feeling confident when you walk in a room, holding yourself in a way that feels good, loving the body that you have nourishing it in the way that feels good. Moving it in the way that feels good, creating the life that you want. My yearly membership shows you how to do that every step of the way. And with every step You're going to unlock more energy. More motivation and more excitement because unleashing that version of you that's been caged for so long. Feels so damn good. You are not going to want to stop that journey and you sure as hell are never going to go, want to go back. my programs use the science of how your brain and body work. While honoring what your heart needs. And then deals with all the logistics of how to actually turn what you need into reality whether those are healthy meals, starting exercise plans, getting better sleep. It's all connected. So we have to address all of it. And that's why you have a year. I teach you exactly what helped me go from feeling stuck and miserable, to feeling so grateful for the life that I have. So respectful and in love with the body that I was given. And so that I am always moving forward. So that every day I'm connecting with my unstoppable lioness and identifying, is this a day when I am going to go after what I want or is this a day when I'm going to own my rest? Because I know that that's what I need to continue to move forward. It's up to you to identify what an unstoppable bad-ass means for you. But I can guarantee the journey, finding that version is the best journey you'll ever go on. Now, if you're feeling excited. Uh, to be moving forward and to unlock your inner unstoppable bad-ass. But maybe you are feeling a little stuck or you're not really sure where that in her own stoppable bad-ass is. I am doing an exciting new thing where I am doing complimentary. Meet your inner unstoppable bad-ass. Calls. It's going to be an hour long and I'm using all of the really amazing tools. Some of the tools that I've learned in my new certification course. Two. Give you a really awesome experience that is going to leave you feeling so empowered and excited about. Who you are and who you are becoming. So during those calls, we will discuss your history where you've been feeling stuck, and then we're going to do some exercises to really help you get connected with and clear about who you want to be, what you really want. We are going to identify some of the areas, the biggest leashes and chains that are holding you back. And you're going to have clarity on the smallest steps forward that you can take that feel really good and doable in your heart. And the goal is that at the end of that call, you are feeling connected to who you really are. And you were feeling really excited and empowered to be moving forward. Well, not the end of the calls. You can ask about my programs. If you're wanting to learn more. But that's not what this call is about. This is about you moving forward I'm doing this because I know what it's like to feel completely stuck, and I know how good it feels to feel Unchained. And the more we as women can we breaking the norm and noticing where we are feeling held back and chain down and the more we help each other to feel free and untethered. So that we show up as confident, powerful women who are comfortable with who we are. In order to create a new norm. We as women need to be supporting each other. We need to celebrate when we say. That we need rest. We need to celebrate when we are nourishing our bodies with the food that our bodies were designed to have, because that is our choice and it feels really damn good. Not because we were trying to make ourselves smaller. We need to celebrate when we are moving our bodies, because it feels so good to be strong. And we need to celebrate. Every time we say no, even though society has taught us to feel guilty. We need to cheer each other on and support and celebrate our successes. Because that is how we all get energy back. And that's how we get to show up as the real authentic. Us. Feeling comfortable without makeup, just, just as you are perfect. Just as you are. So I'll leave a link in the show notes where you can schedule a call, or you can always send me a message on Instagram at life boosts with Amelia, you can send me an email. It's And I also want to hear what you thought of this episode. I know it's a little different with the exercise, but I thought it would be fun to play around with some of the techniques that I'm learning. So I would love your feedback of if you liked this, if you'd like to see more, if you didn't like it, if you found it helpful, I would love to get your thoughts. One of my authentic cores is connection. And if you're not familiar with those check out my very first podcast episode. I talk about my four authentic core values. And that's also something I guide you on in my membership. So important to know what really lights you up. Connection lights me up. It makes me feel alive. And so anytime that I get to connect with you and actually hear from you that makes my heart happy. So don't hesitate if you're listening to this, know that I want to hear from you. Let me know where you are in your journey of unleashing your inner unstoppable bad-ass let me know if you enjoyed this exercise in this episode and what topics you'd like to hear in the future. Cheers to your inevitable health, happiness and success.

Guided Exercise For Unleashing Your Inner Unstoppable Bad-Ass