Life Boost with Amelia

Ep. 39 | Are You Treating Necessities Like A Reward?

June 30, 2022 Amelia Knight Pinkston Season 1 Episode 39
Life Boost with Amelia
Ep. 39 | Are You Treating Necessities Like A Reward?
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When you're busy do you tend to "not have time to eat"? In this episode, I share an example of how I was making my life harder than it had to be by treating lunch as a reward while at work. In reality, postponing that basic necessity meant that I was so much less efficient. There are small changes in the way you approach your day-to-day life that will have a huge impact in the way you show up in this world. Listen to this episode to start getting curious about how you may be making your life harder than it has to be without realizing it.

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Hey life boosters. This is Dr. Amelia health coach and veterinarian here to help you ditch yoyo, dieting people, pleasing and perfectionism by breaking the norm and living a life that energizes you from within. So I'm gonna try something new and do some little mini episodes, just with a little bite sized thing for you to think about in terms of the way that you're treating your body or showing up in this world. So I was inspired because yesterday was an example of how I started to be making my life harder than it had to be. And I caught myself and it made all the difference. And I have a feeling that you can relate to this. So, I'll give you a little background. I was working at a hospital yesterday. It's one that I really enjoy is just a really wonderful team, even though they are very busy. And so, throughout the morning, like I felt awesome. I just was very efficient, just loving connecting with my team and the clients, had good patients and was very on it. Making decisions quickly, that type of thing. Eventually, around two o'clock. I noticed this shift where, they have some drop offs. So those are cases that, during the middle of the day, like lunch period need to be looked at. And I noticed that suddenly I was starting to... I was being more wish washy. I wasn't as decisive. I was just taking a little bit longer to make decisions and I was hungry. I was starting to be hungry. And there was a part of me that just wanted to finish up the notes and finish up calling the owners. And I wanted to complete everything before I officially sat down to have lunch. And this is an example that feeling of needing to earn a basic necessity. Right? So yes, my brain who likes to have things nice and neat and to do lists of like, I wanna have checked off all these boxes and then I can earn my rest and sit down and enjoy my break. But that was making everything take so much longer because my brain had reached a point where it just, it needed a little bit more fuel and everything was going to be less efficient. if I didn't take a little break, so I recognized that. Honestly I could take a little bit of time to just eat a little bit of food in order to give my brain the fuel that it needed. And if I did that, if I gave myself just that short period of time before finishing up things, everything would be so much easier. And that was 100% the case. I just took a little break. I ate a little bit more food and man life changing. Back to feeling ready to make decisions, feeling revived. Food has such a tremendous impact on our energy and the way that our brain functions. And it's so easy in this society to feel like the simple things like taking a break to eat is a luxury and it truly isn't. If you are not taking the time to fuel your body, everything is going to feel more uncomfortable. It's going to feel so much harder and we need to really break that norm and make the norm recognizing that there are basic necessities that our body needs in order to function and we need to make time for that R ight now, you may not be paying attention to the way that your food is impacting the way that you feel. And I really encourage you to start today and just watching for patterns. When you have a really nourishing breakfast, how does that influence the way that you're able to. Function? How does that influence your mood? How does it feel with your energy levels? How does it feel with your ability to focus and to make decisions better? The more you start to pay attention to the way food influences, the way that you show up, the more empowered you can be to fuel your body, to show up the way that you want to in this world. And that is an incredibly powerful. One thing to note is that yesterday and many days, so I had my life boost rocket fuel wraps for breakfast that was around seven o'clock. And that gave me epic fuel until around two. It is packed with awesome brain food that just sets you up for success. So I really encourage you to check out your breakfast and really notice is it made of really nourishing ingredients? Do you have a good dose of healthy protein? Is there some healthy fat, healthy fats are really important for your brain and your hormones. Do you have a lot of fiber and some plants that are delivering all these amazing, antioxidants and polyphenols and all these micronutrients that are just gonna flood your body with what it needs and are you helping to create stable blood sugar so that you don't just have an energy spike and then a crash by, you know, like 10 o'clock in the morning? If right now you're saying, yeah, it would be nice to, you know, stop and have breaks and have time to have the meals, but I just am too busy. I really encourage you to pause and get curious about that and check in with what facts are contributing to that. What thoughts are contributing to that feeling of being so busy that you don't have time to eat? And I really encourage you to get curious about how things could change and how that could be possible instead of. Coming up with the reasons why you can't make time for the basic necessities in your life. I really encourage you to make a shift and think about how it could be possible that you could have time for those basic necessities, because life is going to feel so much better, more enjoyable, and you are going to be able to show up as your best self, if you are making the time for those basic things, food, water, sunlight. These are key. So at the end of every session with my clients, we come up with one to three things for them to focus on until our next session. So this week I invite you to start paying attention to how often you are not prioritizing and making time to fuel your body in the way that it needs. How many meals are you skipping or having too late? How often are you letting yourself get really hungry? Hangry? And how is that influencing your mood in the way that you're able to show up? The second thing I would invite you to pay attention to is just start paying attention to how the food you are eating is impacting your energy levels, how that's making you feel. If that is contributing to any signs throughout your body, like head headaches, energy crash, mood, GI signs, just tuning in and observe. Find your inner researcher that will have a tremendous impact on the relationship your brain has with your body. And when you start making sure that those two are playing on the same team and communicating with each other, your entire life will change. Now, if you are ready to stop treating basic necessities like a reward, and you are feeling like you do want to start partnering with your body and listening to what it needs so that you can show up as your best self in life and start making some time for you in a way that is doable. I have good news. The next round of the life boost jumpstart program starts July 11th and I would love for you to join. This program will not only change the way that you are fueling your body and treating your body ,it will change your perspective and total approach to health in a really energizing way. With eight weeks of weekly group coaching calls, constant support on the Facebook group and a huge amount of resources, I combine the science and helping you to understand how your body works and what it needs to be fueled properly with a lot of mindset work and we will dive deep into what has been getting in the way in the past. If you know that you need to be making more time for yourself, or you know, that you need to start prioritizing your health more, or you know how to lose weight, but it's not happening, this program is for you, because this will help you get to the why behind all of that. And it will help you to see how to make that possible for this point in your life, where you are now. It's really amazing life changing journey, and I would love to have you there! So right now, if you aren't making time for the basic necessities or you're treating those like a reward, think about, are you hydrating regularly? Are you eating? Are you making time for rest? are you spending time outside? Are you making time for you? If the answer is no to any of those, then the jumpstart program is going to really help you to start respecting your body. It's going to help you to show up and have energy for the life that you are living today. In order to sign up you can follow the link in the description, or you can send me a message. You can email me at You can also find me on Instagram or Facebook. I'm Life Boost with Amelia. Cheers to your inevitable health, happiness, and success.