Life Boost with Amelia

Ep 37 | Be The Conductor And Choose The Soundtrack For Your Life

June 12, 2022 Amelia Knight Pinkston Season 1 Episode 37
Life Boost with Amelia
Ep 37 | Be The Conductor And Choose The Soundtrack For Your Life
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Do you feel in control of your body or are there lots of little things that are "off" or not cooperating?  When it comes to health and feeling your best, you need to be the conductor of your body. Think of your body like an orchestra - each body system is a different instrument.  When each instrument is playing their part in tune, they all come together to play a beautiful song in harmony. But what if one instrument is out of tune or playing the wrong song? It can seem like chaos! Even one instrument that's completely off can throw off everyone! When you take control as the conductor, you get to choose the song. But in order to achieve effortless harmony, you have to give each separate instrument (body system) attention to make sure everything is in tune and capable of playing the song. Right now are you playing the sound track you want to live your life to?

A good song fills you with energy, right?! In this episode, I share how to start increasing self-awareness of your body and mind so that you can start playing the soundtrack to your life that brings you energy and joy.

At the start of the episode, I also share a little bit about my approach to meditating and how I've recently been managing my brain that likes to keep me busy 24/7.

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Hey life booster. This is Dr. Amelia health coach and veterinarian here to help you ditch yo-yo dieting people pleasing and perfectionism by breaking the norm and living a life that energizes you from within. So I just finished meditating and thought of an analogy that I wanted to share with you. So here we are. Well, I was meditating today. So typically I sit and have my hands on either knee and my palms are facing up. And to me, that kind of symbolizes just like being open to receiving whatever the day has in store, just being over. sometimes on days that I'm really feeling like I need to tune in more with myself, I'll have my palms facing down and meditating does not have to be spiritual or anything. It's just the mindset that helps me. And it's just that little symbol for me. There's just one other thing that gives me. But today, I felt moved to put my hands just on my heart. And if you haven't done that before, like other than like, you know, when someone's singing the national Anthem or something like that, like if you haven't just put your hands on your heart before I invite you to try that, because it is incredibly comforting. It's just like this little symbol of checking in with yourself in a really loving way. And this week I have really been doing a lot of mindset shifts. I've been trying out this thing of just really honoring, slowing down and rest. You know, my brain knows that the times that I really prioritize having sex. Rest and not just doing, doing, doing that is when I have my best ideas. That is when really great things happen. But I have a brain that is programmed to just like Han instantly. I have a million things that I want to do, especially when it comes to my health coaching business. I have like endless ideas spewing out of me. I have a million things that my brain comes up with that I could do. And it's very easy for me to spend the entire day working on things and just still feeling like, oh, I didn't get to do everything that I wanted to do. And this we recently, I have just started to accept that that is my brain. Like that is kind of the way that I'm programmed. I have lots of ideas and that's good. I'm glad that I do. I'm glad that I have endless things that I want to share with you in the world and information that excites me. That's great. But what I've recognized that this. And immune slowly over time is that I don't have just because my brain comes up with it as something that I need to do, that doesn't mean that I have to do it. So this week I'm really prioritizing, carving out time when I'm not doing. And instead of when I have something that I'm like, oh, I have to do that right now. Or like, that's something that I absolutely have to do. Doing it and doing a million things at once. I'm just doing a brain dump and I'm like, okay, brain, I hear you. Like, these are all the things that you want to do. And then I'm pausing and I'm being selected. And I am accepting that my brain is going to come up with more than I can do more tasks and ideas and I could ever possibly do. And so instead, I'm really taking a moment and I'm paying attention to the things that are truly important for Michaels that I want to prioritize. And I am committing to not coming up with a new project for me right now. Instead I'm really focusing on nurturing the things that I have produced and really connecting with those, because that is something that really, brings me so much joy and helps me to just be connected with my purpose. And I know. Maybe this episode is seeming like a little bit deep with like the meditating and hand on my heart and feeling a purpose. But, that's just what I'm feeling like. I want to share with you today. So that's a little background anyways. So I put my hand on my heart. I do encourage you to try. Because just that alone, especially if you're finding yourself, caught up and just feeling so overwhelmed, if you are feeling totally stressed out and life is just hard right now. Just take a moment, put your hand on your heart or just reconnect with you. It can be very grounding. So as I was doing that, it helped me to realize that the way that I. I have approach life and the way that I want to encourage you to start thinking about the way that you approach and experience life is that there's kind of two parts basically. So I think. Me as in the way that I take care of my body, like I'm kind of always listening to my body and what it needs. And then my thoughts are kind of getting to make the decisions about whether that's happening or not. So the analogy that I want to share with you is that it's a lot like a conductor and an orchestra. So I was a band student. I grew up Thursday. I was playing, I played the flute and then I wanted to get to be in the jazz band and I wanted to play something big and cool as well. So I also played the tenor saxophone because I played the flute. So I didn't want to play the small saxophone, the Alto I wanted. The one that I thought was cooler, the Towner. So I spent a lot of time in band. Maybe like a band nerd, but I loved it. it was really fun. So thinking about if you are in a band, you know, there is the conductor and they are responsible for all the different instruments that work different ways. They're responsible for making sure that everybody's working, everybody's playing the song the way that they should and making sure that everything is coordinated so that everything's in harmony and sounds. But if you think about like during warmup, when everybody's like playing their own scale, they're doing their own thing. It's different songs. Nothing is coordinated. The conductor really can't tell what's going on. It's just like a little bit of chaos. So that is a lot like our body and our thoughts. So. The, our body has lots of different instruments, right? Like you can think about the gut as wide and then there the hormones and your blood sugar and your nervous system, and are all of these different body parts that work in a different way. And they are carnal playing their own tune. And sometimes they're working and sometimes they. And then there's the conductor. So those are your intentional thoughts, right? So there's like your nervous system. That's when maybe you're just like having these automatic reactions to your life and experiences, but then there are your conscious or intentional thoughts. That's, what's actually influencing the way that you are living here. So the norm honestly, is for everybody to just be in warmup, like there isn't really a conductor. The conductor's like doing their own thing and you're not really tuning into what the different instruments are playing. Right. So you're just kind of reacting to life. Yeah. Having conscious thoughts, you have lots of thoughts about like your experiences and food and exercise and your career. But a lot of the times you're not actually like being aware of what those thoughts are. You're just having them and that's influencing your life. And so that does influence the way that your. Gut health is it influences your blood sugar, your hormones, everything is impacted by those thoughts, but nobody's playing together. And so because of that, you, as the conductor, you're not able to recognize when something is out of tune when they're playing the wrong song, because you can't hear it through all of the comedians. There's just, there are too many messages, like there, your sugar cravings, there's your energy level. There's like these GI signs or having a headache, but you have all these things that you need to be doing. And none of it really makes sense. Like you have an idea of the way that you feel that they're like good or bad, but it's hard to kind of zero in on like why who's playing the wrong note, who doesn't know the song. Why is the tube over there? Just like doing its own thing. Right? So in order for all of those instruments to start playing in harmony, you need the conductor needs to also spend time individually checking in, all right. With the lessons, making sure that everything. Intune making sure that it's, that nothing's broken. And that is why it's important to start paying attention to the signs in your body and paying attention to the thoughts that you are having. Paying attention to the way the thoughts you have are influencing the way that you are feeling. So kind of like how I, that like simple gesture, putting my hand on my heart. I am always approaching the way that I'm treating my body in a very caring, supportive, and loving way that has changed my life. And that is so important to feeling good and energized. And that was a purposeful, like an intentional thought to be doing. The reason that I am able to feel really strong in my body and energized is because I pay attention to the thoughts that I have. And I make sure that the, my actions are influenced by thoughts that are. And I definitely have plenty of thoughts that aren't like, for example, when my mind is like thinking of a billion things to be doing, and it wants me to never take any rest, like I definitely have those thoughts, but there's that next step of me as the conductor saying, we're not going to play that song. We are going to play the song that I like best. We are going to play the soundtrack that I want to live my life. The reason so often that people are just like, I've tried everything and nothing works is because you may be trying to play a song, but things may be out of tune. Some people may not even know how to play the song. And that's why things feel hard because you haven't done the work yet to make sure that everything is able to work in harmony. So where do you even start? Right. This is where self-awareness is absolutely key to really starting to feel in control in your life. And starting to pay attention to those two pieces of the puzzle. So the first is just starting to be aware of the thoughts that you have and how that is making you feel about your body and how that is influencing the actions that you are taking in. Right. So if you are having mean girl thoughts about yourself, you know, if you are constantly just criticizing everything that you are doing, and then if that is turning into feelings of like, self-loathing, then your actions are not going to be kind to your body. It's going to be leading to punishing behaviors, feeling like you have to like really push your body too much. Or you're maybe going to be wanting to like, try to hide from that. And so turning to like numbing behaviors. That's not going to get you where you want, but if instead you are noticing those mean girl thoughts, and you're starting to come up with new thoughts that are believable, but help you to feel a lot better that are coming from a much more respectful, loving space. for example, if you look in the mirror and you're like, my body has been working really hard and my body has been putting up with a lot, like things have been crazy and my body is still showing up for me. If you have those thoughts instead, then that's leading to more of a feeling of feeling support. And then that's going to influence your actions in a much different way. So the first thing is just to start paying attention to what thoughts you are having and how that's influencing the way that you are experiencing life. And then the other piece is starting to look at all of the different industries. Like all the different systems in your body and working to kind of tease apart what doesn't feel good. So even doing a body scan can be a good place to start, you know, like just checking in like your head. Are you having headaches? Are you having low energy? Are you having brain fog? Like what doesn't feel good or what does feel good with. You know, are you having awesome normal bowel movements? Are you experiencing gas or bloating or constipation? What doesn't feel good? Are you having achy joints? You know, how was your skin just start being an observer once again and checking in with everything? how is your nervous. Are you having a racing heart rate? Are you feeling stressed all the time, feeling overwhelmed, just checking in with all of those pieces and then starting to think about how you can have thoughts that are loving and supporting, and caring of your body. How can you work to find solutions? How can you help your body to heal? Once you start to pay attention to everything that's not work. And that's how you can start to find an approach that is going to make it so that you can start taking control of your life. As a conductor, you get to start deciding which instrument you focus. Like if one, clearly doesn't even know, you know how to play at all and they're completely out of tune, then that one needs you need to start focusing on, you know, is that gut health is that you're crazy sugar cravings, your blood sugar, like what really is clearly out of balance and just starting to scan that and then starting to pay attention to how you can help. Learn to work in harmony with the rest of your body. And so that, that can be consistent with a song that you want to play, not playing some other songs, because otherwise you can find yourself experiencing life with a soundtrack that isn't what you wanted. And having an epic soundtrack. That is what gives you energy. Right. A good song that makes all the difference that can give you energy. So you get to decide, but first you have to start checking in with your body and making sure that you are being thoughtful about conducting the song that you want. So that is the analogy that my brand came up with today. I really invite you just to start checking in with your boss. And the number one thing is always kindness, right? Just approaching the way that you are treating your body with kindness. Because when you do that, you have energy and we can spread kindness to others. And that is what I want. I want everybody to be kind to themselves. I want you to experience and live in life boost level three, where your healthy lifestyle just feels epic and effortless, and you never want to leave it. And I want you to have the energy to show up as your best self in life. So my troubleshoot guide is actually a really great way of starting to look at the different instruments separately, And with a life boost approach, I break it down into belly brain and bloodshot. And yes, there are much smaller categories, there's hormones and stress and all of those factors that are also related, but all, everything all boils down to like even joint pain, everything like that. It all boils down to those three. So I'm going to help you to start looking at each individually and recognize. Which one, maybe you need to focus on first. What is out of tune? What's playing the wrong song and how can you start to help it play this song that works for you and your life? So that free life was troubleshoot guide as available to you. I will link to it in the notes for this episode. Or you can find it on my website. You can also find me on Instagram and Facebook. I'm at life boost with Amelia and you can also just send me a message. All right. Have a great day. Okay. Cheers to your inevitable health, happiness and.